The Bridal Centre highly recommends being professionally measured. It will ensure that you get the best possible fit for your tuxedo rental.

You may go to any formal wear rental store in your local area and be measured for no charge. This is a common courtesy that all formalwear stores provide to each other. We find that even with professional measurements there can be lots of changes to the tuxedo. We have our warehouse right on site, so this is a real benefit, when something doesn't fit we can usually fix it right on the spot when you pick up.

It takes a maximum of five minutes to be professionally measured and will save you time during pickup. We will also measure you for no charge if you are in an out of town weddings or provide these measurements in the future for no charge.

Also, if you are having trouble getting sized you could alternatively pay a nominal fee to a professional tailor or alteration shop.

The three most important measurements are providing us with an accurate height, weight and coat size. We generally can correct or calculate the rest of the measurements if these are accurately provided.