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Fall 2013 Collections Arriving Daily

The Bridal Centre carries collections that are mostly exclusive, designer and unique. The difference is how you will look and feel on your wedding day.

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Skinny Ties and Bow Ties in Over 80 Colours!

We've received our gorgeous new satin self-tie skinny ties for rent or for purchase, available with matching pocket squares. Bow-ties are trending hot as well and we carry them. Over 80 colours to choose from. The Bridal Centre is able to coordinate just about any colour you are trying to match!

Please call to arrange for a tuxedo specialist to work with you one-on-one to help create and coordinate the men perfectly. The service experience involves the groom and his wedding party and we are confident that you will see the level of quality and service which makes our tuxedo rentals luxury and above the rest.

We also sell and rent suiting. If the groom is looking at purchase we have alternative rentals for the groomsmen. We also encourage everyone to compare a suit with a tuxedo. What we find is that when compared side by side, most people will choose the elegant satin lapel tuxedo over a suit (depending on the theme of the wedding).

Contact: Marilyn, Kellie or Kendra at

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Bling! Bridal Hair Accessory Custom Designer experience with Steve Yeldon!

We are excited to host Mr. Steve Yeldon from bling! hair accessories and veiling. This is not a trunk show but a designer experience where the talented designer will work with you one on one to find and customize your perfect veiling and hair accessories.


You will truly appreciate being dressed in your dream gown and having Steve's expert advise and assistance to finish your look for the wedding day to perfection. Steve has recently come from touring and consulting from some of the finest stores in the United States.

Champagne and Latte's will be served to attending brides and we can accommodate delivery on brides whose wedding dates are late July and beyond.

Please email today to book your experience as space is limited and appointments with Mr. Yeldon are coveted and enjoyed.

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2013 Spring Bridal Sale Until May 4th, 2013

Hundreds of Wedding Dresses in store has been marked from 15% to 25% for our Spring 2013 Bridal Sale!

Now is the time to get an amazing unique dress with design, quality, fit and structure that will make you look amazing at a spectacular price.

You deserve The Bridal Centre experience and the luxury and now you can save big as well! Here are just a few examples of gowns that have been marked down that you will find in the sale.

Code: 346-BC71833 Price: $998.95 Colour: White Size: 8 Sale Price: $849.95


Code: 346-BC72703 Price: $1487.95 Colour: Diamond White Size: 10 Sale Price: $1264


Code: 346-BC82503 Price: $1627.95 Colour: White Size: 6 Sale Price: $1383

Code: 135-Halia Price: $2514.95 Colour: Ivory Size: 12 Sale Price: $1885

Code: 135-Hanya Price: $2145.95 Colour: Ivory/Silver Size: 8 Sale Price: $1600

Code: 357-2607 Price: $1947.95 Colour: Ivory/Silver Size: 10 Sale Price: $1460

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Joanna Bisley Jewelry and Accessory Trunk Show

We will be hosting the talented Joanna Bisley, local Calgary based jewelry and accessories designer in store Saturday, April 13 from 10am to 4pm.

Visit your dress and have your jewellery and accessories customized for your wedding. You will truly have a unique and memorable keepsake that is tailored to your dress.

There will be special trunk show pricing for brides that have a membership.

Call 403.258.3003 or email to book your appointment.

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Your Grooms Attire is Almost as Important as Your Dress

It's so true that you have spent so much time searching for the perfect dress. That you have dreamed of your wedding day and how you will look. Now it's time to make sure that the groom has the opportunity to receive the same level of service and expertise you received when shopping for your dress. The Bridal Centre is your trusted source for quality formal wear and suit rentals and made to measure luxury tuxedo styles.

  1. Full consultation by a trained professional and we allow the groom to fully try on his ensemble before he rents.
  2. We understand exquisite dresses at The Bridal Centre so we can help the men navigate what is proper to wear, quality and exacting fit.
  3. Our warehouse is on site, so out of town attendees can be fit perfectly when they arrive the week of the wedding.
  4. Our exclusive DiMilo luxury line of tuxedo's can be ordered made to measure or rented for a reasonable price. This garment is made in Canada from a super light weight high twist wool which is perfect for summer weddings!
  5. A full line of suits and hot shades of silver, grays, and charcoals. Check out the new Allure for Men.

Click here to setup your consultation.

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New York/Australian Designer Henry Roth Trunk Show on March 15th and 16th!

We are thrilled to be hosting Henry Roth on Friday, March 15th and Saturday, March 16th.

This Canada wide exclusive will allow our brides the amazing opportunity to work with and meet this incredible New York/Australia based designer. This experience is unsurpassed and it hard to describe the passion and energy that Henry exudes. This is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Hot off hosting the Oscar's red carpet for the Today show in Australia and hosting Project Runway Australia, Henry will be bringing in an EXCLUSIVE CANADA WIDE preview of 2013 bridal fashions right from the legendary Kleinfelds store featured in Say Yes to the Dress. Along with his talented sister Michelle Roth this design duo or known for providing fashion couture unique dresses at great pricing.

Appointments are limited and we encourage you to contact us directly at 403.258.3003 or email us at to secure your designer appointment.

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