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Bride: Valerie Chan

I had a great experience at your store. I had my mum, aunt and 2 bridesmaids with me. All with strong opinions and the consultant (Britney) was not only accommodating she dealt with everything without blinking. She had a good eye and knew what to bring out. I was very pleased with the whole appointment.

Bride: Laura Stith

I was genuinely and kindly greeted as I walked in and everyone was very friendly ! My consultant Brittany was awesome ! I came with a large group and she was very accommodating to get everyone chairs and keep the whole group satisfied. She was very understanding and down to earth! She did a great job keeping everything organized and simple ! I did purchase my dress but she was not pressuring at all. I went and had a coffee before making my decision and came back! I was sized by another staff member who was very nice as well!

Most definitely! I live in Regina Saskatchewan and will recommend it to friends and family! I will be back when I'm in town!

Thank you so much for making my experience so wonderful! I appreciate the whole staff congratulating me and really making me excited for my special day!

I love my bridal centre passport because it is a great reminder of my beautiful dress and a good reminder of my fun experience!


Bride: Jaqueline MacDonald

I did had a good experience, The consultant I had was Chantel. It was my first wedding dress appointment. She made the appointment fun, I felt comfortable and looked after. She answered all of my questions. That's what made it so easy to buy the gown!
Thank you


Bride: Laura Konst

It was relaxing and fun! The person that helped me was fantastic, I wish I remembered her name. She was helpful and listened to what I liked and brought styles that fit what I liked! She was SOOOO good! Her personality was great and would buy a dress from her just because of that.

Bride: Amanda Rosborough

It was a wonderful first experience for my mom and I. We won't be able to do this again before my wedding as she lives in another province, so it was wonderful service for us both. The staff were very friendly and hospitable and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you.

Bride: Jenna Mape

My consultant was Claire on Saturday, May 3 at 10am and she was extremely helpful. Claire was very nice as soon as I stepped into the store, took me upstairs and started my fitting ASAP.

She kept dresses that were completely within my budget range and pulled many dresses that were right on my price range. We found a style I liked the best and she stuck to dresses that I started liking more and more.

Yes, I plan to purchase my dress there - I want to come back and try my favourites on again before I make my decision.

Bride: Heather Paetz

I had a very good experience at the bridal centre. Claire was an excellent consultant. She listened to what I wanted and was considerate towards me and my family! The rest of the staff was also helpful and very kind! Everyone was so excited for me when I bought my dress. They all made me feel beautiful and like a bride!

I loved my experience here! Thank you all so much for your help. Claire was phenomenal! Thanks to Claire I found my fairy tale wedding dress. Finding this dress was a dream come true I would recommend the Bridal Centre to anyone.

Bride: Sheena Klassen

Chantel really understood what I was looking for and I loved all of the dresses she brought. She was super knowledgeable about different fabrics, alteration possibilities, etc.

Bride: Caitlyn Stehmeier

Yes excellent! They were incredibly kind and tended to my every need, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience!

I may be returning for my fiancé tuxedo and my veil.

Bride: Anjelina Marra

Our sales person was very professional and did a great job choosing dresses that I love!
Do you plan on returning to The Bridal Centre?

Bride: Stephanie Slorstad

The experience at the Bridal Centre was great. The appointment actually started early and the help we received was great. The dresses I tried on were what I had in mind for my gown. The service was excellent.

Bride: Daria Hantszch

After trying on a few different sizes and styles, the stylist knew what I was looking for and was able to find the dress that fit me perfectly.

I really like the fact that there is a large selection of different styles and designers to choose from. I also like the fact that there are many different styles and colours of bridesmaid dresses. It definitely feels like a place where you can go for everything!

Bride: Tricia Hickey

I had a very good experience overall. Britney, our consultant was so patient and extremely helpful.

Bride: Krista Gogorenko

Yes, I had a Perfect Experience at the Bridal Centre. I found the Dress i have been looking for.

I will be buying my dress from the Bridal Centre, just didn't expect to find it when i went to try on dresses.

Bride: Britne Johnson

I did have a great experience, the consultants were nice and attentive. Allowed me to try on the dresses I had wanted to and pulled other dresses she thought I would like. I came back for a second appointment to pick between two dresses and my consultant helped me dress it up, down, answered my questions and even brought up a seamstress to answer some questions I had. All around I had a very present experience thus far!

Bride: Karyn Garrett

I had Amanda as my consultant. I had a wonderful time trying on dresses. My consultant was informative and listened to what my vision for my wedding is. She found a gown that i would not typically pick and it was the perfect one for my vision. She even was able to inform me on the changes I want to make and how it is possible, realistic and what I would need to do. She listened to my budget range and stuck within it. It was also very nice to be able to fit and try on some of the sample sizes, this helped me be more relaxed and see what the dresses actually looked like on me. It was a great experience and I felt like it was part of my special day.

I do plan on returning to the Bridal center to purchase my dress. I will me sharing my next appointment with my dad and mom. I would also speak very highly of the bridal center to others looking for dresses. I will also be returning to find my bridesmaids dresses as well.

Bride: Natalie Anderson

Loved the two girls that helped me!

Friday the girl was relaxed and fun and helpful .

Saturday the girl was very helpful with her words of how I feel in the dress. PLUS she knew how to lace up a dress correctly, tight, AND fast. I really enjoyed my experience there!

Thank you for your help! Thank you for being flexible and allowing me to return the next day with out an appointment to try the 2 dresses on again before I flew back home!

Bride: Allison Skinner

Yes I had a great experience - I will be coming back to try on some more dresses. Chantal was great! She actually helped my friend this time last year and remembered us both!

Bride: Jennifer Cutler

I had the best experience! Andrea was a great help, she listened to my vision and knew exactly what it was that I was looking for!

I think the staff was all very pleasant and informative. I had a great experience and can't wait to come back and purchase the dress!! Thank you.


Bride: Lauren Zabel

The attendant was incredibly helpful. It was a very wonderful experience and I am so glad I came!


Bride: Ashley Butler

It was amazing! I had such great treatment and such a high level of professionalism. The dresses were beautiful I felt like a princess in every one.

Bride: Jaqueline Steeves

Wonderful your associates are fantastic! They know details about fabric, alterations and adjustments that can be done to the dress and that is a huge differentiating factor.

Also I love that she was open to any style and was truly trying to find something I liked!


Bride: Donica Sharpe

Our sales woman was very helpful. She picked dresses that were exactly what I was looking for. BRAVO!!

Bride: Cheryl Grue

We had a great experience in your store and the sales associate that we had (Chantelle) was great in picking out dresses that were what we were looking for in regards to style. She was very helpful in regards to finding accessories as well (belts, veil etc.). The follow up that we had the next day in regards to sizing and ordering also went efficiently and all of the sales associates that we dealt with were very friendly and helpful.

We have chosen to buy our wedding dress and all of the bridesmaid dresses from the Bridal Centre and we are considering it as well for the Tuxedos. I would definitely return for any future purchases (and I have 3 other girls who will be getting married)!!


Bride: Jessie Soong

Amanda, who helped me during my appointment, was amazing. She took all the notes I had written when I signed up, she listened to what I had to say, she was mindful of my budget, and she kept up with my crazy bridesmaids. I could not have asked her to be more attentive or observant. When I make my follow up appointment, I would love to be able to book my time with her.

Bride: Yuka Tonga

Yes I did. The service was excellent.

Bride: Erin Miller

I had an amazing experience at The Bridal Centre. Amanda pulled a dress that was completely different to change things up after not finding "the one" based on what I thought I liked. The different dress was perfect and I purchased it the next day. She is a great consultant and I would recommend her to any bride.

Bride: Nicole Deus

OMG!!! AMAZING! Sherry has been absolutely wonderful. I am due back in on Saturday for measurements. She has made this experience so much better. Thank you

Bride: Melanie Magwood

Such a wonderful experience! My bridal consult was beyond outstanding and pulled dresses that i never thought i would want to try on and ended up falling in love with the dress i will be wearing on my wedding day!!!

II will be purchasing my bridesmaids dresses from there as well.

Bride: Tuyanna Hackett

I visited The Bridal Centre on Saturday February 8th, 2014. I was very pleased with the look of the centre and the hospitality of the receptionist. My consultant was Claire, who I absolutely loved. She was an excellent help! She brought me many dresses to try on, always with a smile and such patience for me and my indecisiveness. She made my experience excellent! I was impressed with the selection of dresses and accessories. I ended up purchasing my bridal gown and vail that day, thanks to the help of Claire.

Overall, me and my guests had an excellent experience and I am so looking forward to meeting with Claire again during my fitting!

Excellent service and selection! I will recommend The Bridal Centre to my bridal friends!

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